Altona Legends Car show

Here are some pictures that I took from 2019 in our towns car show. I thought I would do this know because there are no car shows this year in our town. I hope you enjoy.

IMG_0569 This 1959 Bel-air looks great in white.

IMG_0644 A 1952 Bel-Air. These came with inline 6 engines, hot rodders changed this with a small block V8. Nice burgundy paint job. You would find a lot of these in Cuba.

IMG_0580 A 1964 Chevrolet Impala. I love the tail lights!

IMG_0596 A 1967 Ford Mustang, this is quite the car. If this had a Cobra Jet 428 it could do the 1/4 mile in the 14’s!

IMG_0593 The awesome tail lights of the Mustang.

IMG_0565 This is by FAR the best car here! I bet this could do the 1/4 mile in 10 flat! If I could afford this I would buy it right away! So simple but yet elegant.

IMG_0641 This here is a 1950 Ford Deluxe. I really like these cars. This was the first new type of car that Ford made since pre-war.

IMG_0648 This here is probably the most underrated car american history. The 1958 Ford Edsel. People hated this car for the toilet seat on it. Henry Ford II made this to honor his father, Edsel Ford, but the public didn’t like it. “The Edsel was also a failure due to its reliability and timing in the car market,” Kevin from  It doesn’t look great but it’s okay. I probably wouldn’t have bought it in 1958 either.

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Nature Pictures

Here are some pictures I took a while back and I thought I could put them to good use.


IMG_1216IMG_1215 IMG_1004 IMG_1031 IMG_1273 IMG_1188 All of these pictures I took were taken from British Columbia from our trip last year.

IMG_0305 IMG_1560 I hope you enjoyed this post. I really enjoy taking pictures of the outdoors.

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Finishing the 1959 Eldorado Convertible

In the last post I re-airbrushed the Eldorado. In this post I will be putting the last bits and pieces together. Enjoy.

IMG_1935 Here are the airbags, suspension, and the wheels. The last time I did this it came off so this time I will be sure to do it right.

IMG_1936 Putting on the spaceship taillights. I really like the retro ’50’s styling.

IMG_1938 The spears go great with the huge tail fins.

IMG_1946 The top headlight lenses before they fell out. So I got new ones and put them in.

IMG_1949 I put the windshield wipers on. The windshield looks pretty bad with the glue on it, and the crack in the middle.

IMG_1942 The window vent. Almost lost it before!

IMG_1940 I put in the A.C. hoses.

IMG_1953 Put in the steering wheel. The dashboard could look better.

IMG_1947 Put on the chrome stickers and painted the top of the fins silver.

IMG_1950 The hard boot. I like the Eldorado better without the top.

IMG_1952 I put on the door handles.

And now for the photo shoot.

IMG_1964 I like the aggressive look that Cadillac gave it!

IMG_1957 The big old tail fins go well with the bullet lenses.

IMG_1970 I think the interior came out quite nice. I like the Createx red with the Testors red interior.

IMG_1956 I like how everything in the interior goes well together.

IMG_1968 Under the hood there is a 390 cu in 6.4 L OHV V8 with a 4-speed Hydra-Matic Transmission, capable of 345 horsepower. I also made a little Interstate Battery.

IMG_1954 Finishing off with the aggressive but curvy stance.

I hope you have enjoyed my post! -Patrick

Re-Airbrushing the 1959 Eldorado

So I bought this kit last year with some birthday money, and when I get a model it takes me forever to finish. I cut corners and that makes things not look nice and not work nicely, either. I hot glue gunned some things and that made some parts, like the grill, not fit at all. Enjoy.

IMG_1907 Preparing it for airbrushing. The paint chips are from me with an exacto knife.

IMG_1906 The left side of the Eldorado. I just used regular frog tape.

IMG_1908 The rear of the Eldorado. I put on little decals before when I thought I was done with the thing.

IMG_1910 Here is the grill also all taped up.

IMG_1913 Here is the airbrush paint, Createx Airbrush Colors red.

IMG_1914 The amount I was going to use. I only ended up using over half.

IMG_1915 After airbrushing. Came out okay, I could have done better at some parts.

IMG_1918 The right side. My photography skills could use some work. I need to let it focus.

IMG_1919 You can’t see the decals from before anymore.

IMG_1920 The clear coat I will be using: Minwax Clear Coat.

IMG_1928 The left side, the middle left of the picture has some little flaws I made that I should have scrapped off from before. The clear coat makes it a bit shinier.

IMG_1926 The left side has some, too.

IMG_1925 Another big problem. I should be better at this by now.

IMG_1930 Taking off the tape. At least all of the paint and clear coat stayed out.

IMG_1931 The right side without any tape on. It looks okay.

IMG_1932 A lot of the shine goes away after the clear coat completely dries.

I will post putting together the rest of the Eldorado this week.

Want to know a good blogger? He is great with kits and very nice:

Thanks for reading! -Patrick

Kevin Harvick wins at the Brickyard!

Kevin Harvick holds off Matt Kenseth in the final two laps to win for the third time there. Denny Hamlin crashed on lap 156 due to a flat tire on turn two. Kevin Harvick’s first win here was in 2003, his second was last year, and he just had his third. If he wins again next year, he will be the first ever driver to win 3 times in a row.

1fynkofivco21 His first brickyard win in 2003. Photo courtesy of 2003 Action Sports Photography, Inc.

1926BC3710 Kevin Harvick’s second win at the Brickyard in 2019. Photo courtesy of Speed Sport.

download (1) And his third and back to back win, in 2020. Picture courtesy of The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The race went pretty much south on lap 16 when everyone pitted, except Kevin Harvick who outwitted the other drivers to pit a lap before the caution. But when everyone was pitting, one driver slowed down to pit, causing a domino effect and damaging eight racers, causing a red flag because Zach Price, the left and right rear tire changer on Ryan Blaney’s car, was squished between two cars. He ended up to be okay.

Jimmie Johnson also could not race because he tested positive for Covid. So Justin Allgaier had to race for him but had to be taken out of the race because his car engine blew a gasket or something because he was involved in the wreck earlier in the pits.

Thanks for reading! -Patrick